Chosen Pebble was started by Adelie, LLC., a web development and graphic design studio based in Long Island, New York. But before we get to our name, here's a bit about the Adelie name.

The Adelie penguin is an awesome, bold, and curious creature that loves to explore without inhibitions. They gift pebbles to express their appreciation for one another but also to contribute to the nests they must build! So each gifted pebble is significantly valued in more ways than one. Sweet & practical!

Similarly, Adelie, LLC loves to explore new creative, practical, and whimsical ways to serve their client base! Turns out, there was a need to be met in the area of invitation calligraphy and stationery-centered graphic design on Long Island. Thus, Chosen Pebble was born!

We know weaving together the small details for a significant event can be daunting. Chosen Pebble will work hard to be the last stop for all of your calligraphy and design needs. Choose us and let us help you celebrate your milestones through beautiful design! 

To the left is a weary little Adelie penguin, unamused by the search for the perfect pebble - but rest assured, his search is over! He chose us. Let's celebrate!