The Bedrock

The Bedrock will be the place we log our brightest insights, our favorite projects, our greatest discoveries, and our most exciting updates. 

Naturally, this first post has to be about our excitement! We are so excited and happy to share Chosen Pebble and our services with the world. We are eager to meet you and to hear your stories. We can't wait to help craft the most memorable designs to make your milestones stand out. 

Unfortunately, event planning can be daunting and stressful. The most beautiful occasions are sometimes squished under the weight of anxiety, pressure, and the expectation of perfection. We understand. Time management and explicit communication are our greatest tools to make your experience painless, pleasant, and even fun! Defining those little details should be enjoyable!

Every single part of your project is as important as the end result. It's our privilege to be able to contribute to your special day and we do not take that opportunity lightly! We also LOVE to hear your feedback. Whether you're sharing improvements we can make, collaborations we can venture, or design risks we can take on - we are happy to hear from you. 

Please check back and remember to find and follow us on social media. 

Our FACEBOOK page will have the most recent updates on sales, giveaways, and any store changes. 

Our INSTAGRAM account will log all of our creative adventures, our biggest design challenges, and many of our works-in-progress so you can witness the magic that is hand-lettering. 

Our PINTEREST boards will serve as a hub for inspiration and the place we store our favorite DIY projects, color palettes, and other awesome nuggets of design.  

In AUGUST we will be having our first giveaway! Follow our journey and you will not be sorry. To celebrate our launch, we are giving all new clients up to 15% off their projects throughout the summer of 2016. We're excited to hear from you. Let's celebrate together